What is Rotessa

Rotessa is our payment collection service for preauthorized debits.

When we are setting up a direct debit, you will be asked to complete a preauthorized debit agreement online, and to provide the banking information for the account you wish us to debit.  The process is straightforward.  While we may have had an agreement in the past, it could have been with another payment processor, OR it may just need to be updated.  

Your banking information may be found on a void cheque, or from your bank's online banking web site.   If you need assistance in interpreting the numbers you can call the 1-800 number on the back of your bank card.

Here are instructions on how to read the bottom of a cheque:  https://woodennickel.ladesk.com/194934-Banking-Information---Reading-the-bottom-of-my-cheque

We also have found information for some banks on where you can find the required information online:  https://woodennickel.ladesk.com/427368-Where-to-find-a-PADDD-form-on-your-online-banking

Should you need assistance, please use our chat service or create a support ticket from our website:  www.woodennickel.ca