My Paystub is short hours!


If you believe you pay stub is short hours please:


1)  Ensure your time sheet total is correct.

2)  Verify your time sheet less your advance amount from mid month.  (If applicable).   Remember this mid month amount is part of the same pay period.   We take the whole periods time sheet hours, less your mid month advance, to pay at month end.

3)  Follow the steps outlined below to see if you were paid the correct amount.   Not all items have an hourly figure beside them, some are by dollars only.  This is the most common reason people at first believe they were shorted hours.   

4)  If it still doesn't balance, please forward us an email describing the situation.




In the situation below:   

The employee's time sheet is 162.5 hours.

They were advanced 30 hours mid month.

They believe there month end pay cheque should show 132.5 hours, but it only shows 110 hours.

Here is why: