General Payroll Information

CPP Exempt

In order to not have CPP deduction off of your paycheque, a CRA form CPT30 will be required. Please see CRA processes and application form:

Benefits - Chamber of Commerce

If you have benefits coverage through the Chamber of Commerce please visit: ( On this website you can sign in to view your coverage, and submit claims. If you have not already signed up for viewing your benefits, you will need to have your policy number and certificate number available, and then click on Sign Up on this same website.

CPP & EI amounts

The links to the CRA website for the maximum CPP and maximum EI are can be found on our website here: WNS Links (

Employee Paid Private health services plan premiums

Regardless if box 85 is complete on your T4, you may be able to use your employee paid premiums for private medical (EHC) benefits and/or dental benefits on your personal tax return. From the CRA website: "Employee-paid premiums to a private health services plan are considered qualifying medical expenses and can be claimed by the employee on his or her income tax and benefit return. The figure may be completed on box 85 of your T4, and if not, the value of the deductions for EHC (Extended He...

Stat Holiday Pay

Stat holiday pay is calculated as an average days pay, based upon the prior 30 days earnings divided by the number of days worked. In order to be paid for a stat holiday, you need to have worked at least 15 out of the prior 30 days.

TD1 Forms for Payroll

If you need to change your TD1 forms please visit the CRA website and pull the applicable forms: CRA TD1 ( Please note: You will need 2 forms... one for the Federal exemptions and one for the provincial exemptions. If you want to have extra tax taken off of your pay please also complete these forms. DO NOT email or fax these forms due to ...

WagePoint Password

Have you forgotten your WagePoint Password? You can first try to reset this online on the sign in page. If this fails, click the support bubble on the WagePoint site and submit a ticket.