Gifts and Awards

Please see the following CRA page for the official CRA position on gifts and awards: See also page 43-44 of this CRA document: Of particular note is that GIFT CERTIFICATES are considered near cash and fully taxable. If you give an employee a gift certif...

CRA Contact Information

Online access via: My Account ( Phone numbers: (

CPP - Stopping CPP

Further information on electing to stop paying CPP for those 65+: ( After you have filed your form and it has been approved, please provide a copy of the authorization to our offices through the secure portal on our website. (

Employee or Self Employed

If you are wondering if someone is an employee or self employed first review this resource:

T4A Slip

If you have received payments from an organization, you may be receiving a T4A slip from them. The CRA currently dictates that a T4A must be issued to any entity that provides a service (i.e. not goods) and is paid over $500 in a year. It does not matter if the entity providing the service is an individual or a corporation. It does not matter if the entity invoiced for the services or not. It does not matter if the entity charged or did not charge GST on the invoice. Any service over $500 r...