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What is CPP Prior Yr Adj

CPP and EI are calculated and deducted from payroll throughout the year, calculated according to CRA tables. At the end of the year, your total earnings are reviewed and the required CPP and EI amounts are calculated. If there is a shortfall in what was deducted during the year, this shortfall amount will be deducted as an extra entry and remitted to the Receiver General as required. While in most cases there is no need for an adjustment, it does happen, particularly when extra paycheques are ...

Knit Payroll Questions

If our support topics do not help you, Knit payroll has their own support page which may help you. Knit Support (

Record of Employment

If you leave the employment of your employer, an ROE will be prepared and filed electronically with Service Canada. You may sign in to the Service Canada site to view your ROE. Service Canada Log In ( If you don't have a Service Canada log in, now is a good time to set one up as it can be useful for many other services. If your payroll was provided by Knit, you may also sign in to your Knit pr...

How much extra tax are you collecting?

You will be able to confirm the amount of extra tax by reviewing your profile on KnitApps, under the compensation tab.

Knit Paystub

If your payroll is processed through Knit, and you are looking for your paystub:

Extra Tax Off Pay Cheque

If you want extra tax off your payroll please fill in a TD1 form, indicate the extra amount on this form in the box, and sign the form. Please send us the form via the secure delivery option on our website. As it has your name, address, birthdate, and social insurance number please do NOT email it. You will be able to confirm the amo...

How was my net pay calculated

Please sign into Knit and review your paystub for the amounts paid, and deducted. If you are still not sure, or believe there is an error, please submit a support ticket. If you have a mid month advance, please remember to deduct these hours from the calculations on the month end payroll.

Knit Payroll - I need to change my email address

If your payroll is processed by Knit, you can change your email address easily: - Sign into your Knit account. - Click your profile name that appears on the upper-right corner. - Select User Settings - Click on the Pen icon to change your email address or password. - Click Save Changes. - A notification regarding this update will be sent to your former email address. Please note th...

My Paystub is short hours!

If you believe you pay stub is short hours please: 1) Ensure your time sheet total is correct. 2) Verify your time sheet less your advance amount from mid month. (If applicable). Remember this mid month amount is part of the same pay period. We take the whole periods time sheet hours, less your mid month advance, to pay at month end. 3) Follow the steps outlined below to see if you were paid the correct amount. Not all items have an hourly figure beside them, some are by dollars only. This...

Knit Password / Userid

Your Userid on Knit will be your email address. Have you forgotten your Knit Apps Password? You can first try to reset this online on the sign in page. Go to: Click on the forgot password link. They will email you a reset. If this fails, please submit a ticket to us and we will assist you.

Knit Payroll Invite

If you have received an invite to Knit Payroll this will be because we are setting you up to receive your payroll through this service. Please follow the link to set up a password and "sign" the direct deposit agreement, and complete any other information, and set up your password. While there, please review and update any information. Please pay attention to the TD1 form questions .... regarding employment. If you have more than one employer, you may use the TD1 deductions for onl...

T4 Slips

T4 Slips will be available by the fourth week of February, although potentially earlier. The userid and password to pick up your T4 will be the same site and password as you used throughout the year to pick up your paystubs. Sign in to your Knit Payroll by clicking here. ( Once in the Knit payroll app, Click on Documents. Then click on Year-end Documents. Click on the View / Eye beside the T4 you want to view. The T4 will open up. On the top right of the T4, you ...