Waiting on a Payment

If you are waiting on payment, please first check your bank account in case it has been direct deposited into your account. Then please check your email inbox for an email from Plooto to claim your payment. In some cases you may need to claim the payment through the email advice sent. If you do not see a deposit in your account, nor an email in your inbox, please double check your SPAM folder for an email from us through Plooto. If you still do not have an advice or a payment, please complet...

What is Plooto?

Plooto is an online payment service we use to send payments electronically. It is fast and efficient and speeds payment delivery times. When you receive a payment you can enter your your banking information online for the account you wish the payment to deposited to, or send a void cheque to our offices (or our mutual client) and we will set this up for you.

Do I have a Plooto payment coming?

When a payment is being sent to you via Plooto you will receive an email letting you know it is in process. If you do not recall receiving an email, or may have missed an incoming email, find any payment notification that is coming from the same payer. On the notification emails is a link that says "View my payments". If you click on the View My Payments link on any of the emails you have received you will see your future and past payments.

Plooto Signers -- viewing past payments

Signers/Approvers on Plooto can go to the "Payables" tab or the "Contacts" Tab when they sign into Plooto, and will able to see a list of past transactions, the details, attachments, and status of any of those payments.

Why to you use Plooto instead of bank EFT?

The reason we use Plooto and not a normal Bank EFT is that the bank accounts are two to sign, and the banks' are not equipped to handle that setup for electronic payments. Thus we have to go with a service that will allow two signers to approve the payment, then debit our account, and then direct deposit the payment to you. Before they can deposit the payment to you, they need to ensure the payment that they are debiting to our account has gone through and not coming back. (Much like when you de...

There is nothing to approve in Plooto?

You may have received an email from Plooto to approve payments. However, when you go in there is nothing to approve. The reason for this is you may have more signers on the account that have already approved the payments. Once they review and approve the payments, the payments are on their way. You can still see the payments that were sent by going to the "PENDING" , OR "PAYABLES" tab within Plooto. It is the same idea as if I put a cheque on the desk and asked all the signers to review and ...

But my banking information is confidential

Sometime we will hear people will say their banking information is confidential, and they cannot give it out for a direct deposit. However, please consider: - if you have ever written a cheque to someone, you have given out this same information - many banks and credit unions actually have a form you can can print from your online banking for distribution to set up direct deposit/debits (they wouldn't do this if it was confidential) - in saying your information is confidential, but then saying...

Missing Payment on an Invoice

If you have not received a payment on an invoice you submitted, please provide particulars in order that we may trace the payment: Your company name Invoiced company name Date Invoice number Amount Please note, it is imperative that each of your invoices have a unique invoice number. If you submit an invoice with a duplicate invoice number, our systems will assume it to be a duplicate submission, and will filter out the invoice from the payment processing system.

Plooto Instant

What is Plooto Instant and why do we use it? When paying items through Plooto, or any direct deposit service, the payment provider debits the payers bank account, and then holds these funds for a couple of days to ensure that the funds are clear, that they don't come back as an NSF charge back. To reduce the lead time Plooto offers an 'instant' account. This account holds pre-cleared funds for the occasional payment that is more time sensitive. i.e. the money gets transferred to and held by P...

Seeing a history of Plooto payments

When we send you a payment via Plooto you will receive an email. On this email, aside from the current payment details, is a button that says "View My Payments" Clicking this link will pull up a history of payments we have sent you.