Charities & Donations

Designated Donation Blurb

The following 'blurb' should be included on your documentation, including offering envelopes, bulletin, AGM reports, on your website, and other such documentation: “Each gift designated toward a board approved program will be used as designated where feasible. When a given need has been met, or where projects cannot be carried out, at the board's discretion the donor agrees that designated gifts may be used where needed most”

Donation receipt for a gift of service

A receipt cannot be issued for a service. However, you can pay for a service, and then the other party may donate the monies back - on their own cheque - not just endorsing the back of your cheque. Please ensure the payment being made for the service is reasonable, and not inflated. Please see this link: CRA Gifts of Service (

Donation Deadlines

Donations to be receipted for a year must be RECEIVED by the charity in the same year, and that receipt must be evidenced. If you mail a receipt or date a cheque in a year and mail it late in the year, but the mail is received in the new year, we can only receipt the item for the prior year if the return address is on the envelope and a postmark on the envelope must show that it was mailed in the prior year. If the postmark is not there, or legible, then the item cannot be receipted for the pri...

Donations to Charities

Would you like to make online donations to charity? Visit (

Canada Helps Donations

Donations made through Canada Helps are not receipted by us. Instead you need to visit the Canada Helps website to receive a tax receipt: Canada Helps Donation Receipt (

Tax Receipts

If we are are preparing the tax receipts for a charity, the charity will have them in hand by end of February. If you donated online via CanadaHelps, please visit CanadaHelps to obtain a copy of your receipt. CanadaHelps Tax Receipts (

Tax Receipt Missing

If you were expecting a tax receipt, but it is missing, it may be that we were missing some information, usually your address. To help us find your receipt, please create a support ticket and advise for which charity you were expecting a receipt, your name, and address. We will look into this for you and get back to you shortly.

Tax Receipt Amount is incorrect

If your receipt is not the amount you expected, please provide us with the details. To help us complete your request, please advise for which charity, your name, address, and the variance details. We will look into this for you and get back to you shortly.

Declaration of not being an Ineligible Individual

Charities need to have board members (Elders, trustees, and the like) annually complete the Declaration of not being an Ineligible Individual. The forms should be completed and held by the office administration. Our office does not need a copy, nor does the CRA. Please file them for future reference. A copy of the form may be found at: (