Receipt Bank Expense Claims

For your expense claims via Receipt Bank:

Once you are set up to submit Expense Claims

- Please write on your receipt chits "Xclaim name"- Then indicate the purchase details eg. "Advertising"  or "Office Supplies"- Also indicate if a particular fund/program is to be charged.
Then scan in the receipt.Sign into ReceiptBankClick on Add ItemsSelect the receipts to be uploaded


Then use the ReceiptBank app on your phone to take a picture and upload the receipt for payment.


When you take a picture of the receipt you are entering you may:

- enter a single receipt picture using the SINGLE option

- enter many single receipts using the MULTIPLE option  (NOT one bill with multiple pages, BUT for multiple bills).

- enter multiple pages dealing with one receipt using the COMBINE option

You can scroll left/right after clicking the camera on the app to select the option you wish.


After you take your picture, and BEFORE hitting submit, you may select "EDIT" and enter in relevant information, such as what fund is to be charged  (Project), and a description of the receipt if it will be required.   You may also indicate the currency and the client to be charged if applicable.     


Watch for a quick overview: